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Governor Stitt has called for state agencies to conduct the very first comprehensive review of Oklahoma’s Regulatory Code. This review will help clean up our Administrative Code by getting rid of unnecessary regulations and updating others.

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Governor Stitt wants to hear from Oklahomans to understand which burdensome regulations are hindering you or someone you know. Send us a regulation that you think needs to be cut or amended and we will review it.

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Through Executive Order, Governor Stitt has implemented a “One-In-Two out” system. This new system requires for every one regulation added to the Administrative Code, two must be removed. This will keep government bureaucracy in check while allowing necessary rule making.

With these efforts, Governor Stitt plans to reduce red tape by 25% over the next three years

The Governor believes that the purpose of regulation should be to preserve public health, welfare and safety,
while promoting innovation, competitiveness and job creation.